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A new beginning with ResetLife Youth

Need help with Alcohol and Drug misuse? ResetLife is a free program for young people between 11 and 25 years old in south eastern Melbourne.

The program is intensive, as participants go 3 times a week to group sessions for sixteen weeks (about 4 months), where they work on their early recovery skills, relapse prevention, social support groups, plus family education and individual sessions.

Participants can join the program by contacting us directly, or referrals can be made by anyone including GPs, other health professionals and family members, with the person’s consent.

This program is delivered at our Youth Hub in Moorabbin and at our Frankston Office.

What happens after ResetLife Youth?

After the sixteen-week intensive period, young people who have successfully completed the program will graduate.

By completing ResetLife Youth, graduate participants will have access to a 36-week period of continuing care that will support them to live free of drug and alcohol harm.

As part of this ongoing support, young people can attend social support activities that are run by peer workers. These aim to help the young person learn new social skills and develop healthy social relationships while accessing continuous support in their recovery. Some activities include CrossFit sessions, 10 pin, beach walks, mini-golf and lawn bowls.

As part of Moorabbin Bowls Club‘s mission of giving back to the community, they have kindly partnered with TaskForce to offer their facilities to our ResetLife program, providing a free pass once a month on an ongoing basis.

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ResetLife is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the South Eastern Melbourne PHN.

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