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RAD-FMP is an engagement program working with the young people of Frankston Central who are at risk of facing long term socio-economic marginalisation due to severe disengagement. The project aims to engage youth in various programs and activities that promote positive behaviours and facilitate their access to local services including health, education, and employment.

On Thursday 28th October, we facilitated our final RAD-FMP activity for the year, but hopefully the first of many Bikes Refurbishment Workshops!

After dropping off 9 bicycles and sets of tools to young people who were referred to us by various Frankston support services, we were set and ready to get rolling online. From 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm, our bike expert JC took our 9 participants through an online workshop that introduced our young people to the basics of bike refurbishment/maintenance, including:

  • A short run-through of the most important parts of a bicycle.
  • The difference in brake systems that are available for bicycles.
  • How to remove the tyre of the bike and replace the internal tube when there is a puncture.
  • Different tools required for bike maintenance.
  • How to customise your bike through painting the body and modifying the bike to suit your needs.
  • Paper resource detailing the anatomy of the bike and a list of bike parts.

Though these online workshops can be overwhelming and challenging for young people during these times, we were stoked to see very positive feedback. The skills learnt through this online workshop and the hope of being able to facilitate face-to-face workshops once restrictions ease means that we can provide young people with the opportunity to take pro-social risks and find new passions. This is particularly true for 5 of the 9 participants, who had planned a bike ride from Phillip Island to Wilsons Promontory National Park in December and were requiring more support and information on how to service a bike, as well as increase their knowledge around the tools and materials they would need to take on their trip.