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As part of the Integrated Care Pilot Project, TaskForce is working in partnership with 10 agencies across southeast Melbourne to further meet the needs and inspire hope for people and families with co-occurring conditions, including alcohol and other drug misuse, mental health issues, homelessness and others.

The Integrated Care Pilot Project is based in the CCISC model developed by Zia partners, which has been identified as a “best practice” for system design, being used internationally across the US, Canada and Australia.

Driven by data and supporting continuous quality improvement, the Integrated Care Pilot Project will strengthen the sector and achieve better outcomes for clients, being its main purpose to transform the sector with a more client-oriented approach to care, where agencies welcome clients acknowledging their unique complexities and are capable of responding to co-occurring conditions.

As a service provider of specialist Alcohol and Other Drug support, TaskForce envisions through the implementation of this Project that every program and person delivering care will be welcoming, empathic and hopeful, having a person- and family-centred approach to ensure people achieve their most important and meaningful goals.