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On Tuesday 19 July 2022, TaskForce attended the South East Careers Expo at the KCC Park in Skye, an event organised by the South East Local Learning and Employment Network (SELLEN).

The event attracted more than 3000 students from the area and over 150 employers, with the purpose of promoting pathways and connections between employers and young people to increase engagement and participation.

TaskForce was one of the Gold sponsors for the event. This sponsorship was to not only promote TaskForce to the community but foster relationships with key stakeholders, particularly in the employment and education sectors.

The staff that attended engaged so positively with the students that came by playing games, promoting AOD harm reduction messages and sharing TakForce’s diverse services on offer. TaskForce was represented by:

  • Erin Crockett, Executive Manager Education & Employment Services
  • Danny Alcock, Executive Manager Projects and Partnerships
  • Amanda Schreuder, from TaskForce Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES)
  • Esther Yoa, from TaskForce Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES)
  • Cat Beed, from Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) and Professional Development Training.
  • Paul Wheel, from Cardinia Youth and Family Services.

photo collage of staff who attended to the careers expo