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Driver Behaviour Change program for relicensing
Short courses to upskill and gain knowledge for community and health sector
Supporting vulnerable girls and women across Frankston and Mornington Peninsula
ResetLife is a free structured alcohol and other drug treatment
Work in an inclusive and supportive organisation
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the potential
in everyone.
2022 Annual Report
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Lost your licence due to a drink or drug driving offence?
Get back to the road safely with our Driver Behaviour Change Program
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Build your skills with our Professional Development Training
for people within and beyond the health and community sectors
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The Living Free Project
Advocating for vulnerable girls, women and non-binary people who are in contact with the justice system
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A new start is possible with ResetLife
A free program that offers holistic and inclusive support to people struggling with substance misuse issues
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Join our team at TaskForce!
Work at a supportive and inclusive workplace that is committed to embracing diversity
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