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Rethink Addiction

TaskForce is excited to be part of the Rethink Addiction campaign

What is Rethink Addiction?

Rethink Addiction is a national campaign dedicated to changing the conversation about addiction and tackling the stigma and misinformation that stops people asking for help. They want to bring about systemic change to the treatment of addiction and empower people to speak up and tell the real stories of addiction.

Facts about addiction

  • Addiction is a chronic health condition that can affect anyone.
  • Addiction remains one of the least understood and discussed public health issues.
  • Addiction is a leading preventable cause of injury, illness and death.
  • Addiction is treatable but accessing services can be difficult.
  • Overcoming addiction is more than just having good intentions or willpower.
  • Stigma often stops people from seeking help or information.

How you can help

Noor's story

“I’m a 21 year old who started using daily at 14 years old. I was in the out of home care system and didn’t have the tools or strategies to cope with my emotions from a young age. I never thought I could be clean from drugs. After experiencing homelessness at 18, I decided to give recovery a go. It has been a journey for me with a few relapses over the past year and a bit. I have learned so much about myself about myself since coming into recovery and it’s not my relapses that define me but my commitment to keep trying and choosing to remain in recovery. TaskForce has worked with me and supported me to find stable housing which allows me to work towards my long term goals. I have a fantastic worker who I can rely on for support and encouragement and along with attending a 12 step fellowship, it makes all the difference. Today I’m just over 3 months clean from all drugs and alcohol and I refuse to look back, life has so much to offer when we are clean and anybody can get themselves out a dark place.”

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