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ResetLife: AOD support that changes the lives of young people and adults

Available at Moorabbin, Frankston and Cranbourne


ResetLife is a free program that helps people to address alcohol and other drug issues.

The program is delivered in two phases: 16 weeks of intensive treatment through individual, group and family sessions, and 36 weeks of continuing care.

At TaskForce, we offer three ResetLife Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs: Youth ages (11-25) in Moorabbin and Frankston and Adult ages (18+) in Cranbourne.

The program is funded by the South Eastern Melbourne PHN, which means there is no cost to the participants.

Program highlights

  • Evidence-based program that has shown significant results for young people.
  • Confidential support.
  • Education and skills-based.
  • Includes family support.
  • Anyone can refer with client consent.
  • No waitlist.

ResetLife Youth Testimonial from a parent:

“Our 17 year old son has been receiving support from the ResetLife Program at TaskForce for nearly four months. He has been suffering from mental health challenges for more than 3 years and this has led to drug addiction and a variety of significant and traumatic incidents for both he and our family. These events have included multiple suicide attempts and accidental overdoses that have resulted in ambulance and police being called on multiple occasions to attend our home (on two occasions the 000 calls were made by our youngest son).

Throughout the years that we have been seeking support from a range of health professionals and services, my wife and I have often felt left behind and ignored by these services and professionals despite being our son’s primary caregivers and having to deal with the daily challenges of coping with a child suffering an acute mental illness. While we appreciate that adolescents have an increasing need for independence and will potentially engage more meaningfully with health professionals when their privacy is assured, we have found the service and support that is offered by ResetLife at TaskForce to families to be a turning point for our ability to navigate what has been an isolating and confusing time. All of this support has been provided without any disclosure or breach of our son’s privacy.

 Learning about addiction, and dual-diagnosis that often presents with addiction, at the same time our son has been learning about this information, has enabled us to better understand what our son is experiencing and to discuss with him ways we can support him. We have also been able to better manage our own anxieties and stress arising from having a child battling mental health illness and addiction in a system where there is no real collaboration or effort to coordinate services for the benefit of all who are affected (this appears to not even happen for the person experiencing these things).

The service that TaskForce offers has proven invaluable for our family and the ongoing support for our son has also helped him to overcome some of the challenges he faces where he is currently showing a lot of positive signs of turning a corner in his illness. We have no hesitation is recommending TaskForce to anyone facing the difficult situation where their child is dealing with addiction.

The opportunity to meet with other families and people with lived experience of addiction is a powerful and humbling experience. Knowing there are others feeling the same way we do and going through some of the same challenges, and sometimes even worse, allowed us to shift the feeling of guilt that we had to a feeling of optimism as well as developing a level of understanding about what we could and could not control. Our only regret is that our son did not have an opportunity to engage with TaskForce earlier.”

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