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The Diversion and Education for Young People in Understanding Road Safety (DETOURS) program is delivered by TaskForce's specialised facilitators.

DETOURS is for young people in Victoria aged 14 – 18 years who have charges related to traffic/motor vehicle offending and are completing a Children’s Court Youth Diversion plan or have been identified as being at risk of engaging in such unsafe road user behaviour by Victoria Police.

We also deliver a parent/carer version of the program both face-to-face or via online.


DETOURS is a diversion level intervention small group-based program. It aims to reduce unsafe and illegal driving and passenger behaviour among young people. The program involves:

  • Encouraging young people to reflect on their behaviours.
  • Developing strategies to help reduce future unsafe road use behaviours.
  • Involving the young person’s parents/carers so that they can help to support any changes.

Who is eligible to participate?

The DETOURS Program is a diversion program for young people aged between 14-18 years who have committed or are at risk of committing offences associated with traffic and/or motor vehicles.

Who is not eligible?

DETOURS is not available to young people who commit traffic and/or motor vehicle offenses that carry mandatory sentencing.

How does the program work?

The program involves two key parts:

  • Facilitated small group 3-hour session for between 4-6 young people
  • Parent support 1.5 hour session with the parent/carer of DETOURS participants

The program is underpinned by motivational interviewing to support behaviour change. Participants are supported to actively engage in the program through a range of hands-on activities. The individual needs of participants are taken into account to ensure they are able to fully engage in the program.

What is covered in DETOURS?

During the group session, the young people:

  • Consider what motivates some of their behaviour.
  • Think about the consequences of that behaviour, as well as possible future consequences if their unsafe behaviours continue.
  • Identify when they might be more likely to behave in an unsafe way.
  • Develop an individual plan to help prevent future unsafe behaviours and offending.

The parent/carer session involves:

  • Discussion, support and information for parents/carers particularly in relation to effective communication, brain development and risk, and self-care.
  • Engaging the parent/carer in helping the young person implement their road safety strategies.
  • Identifying where further support can be obtained.

How was the program developed?

The program was developed by experts in road safety, forensic psychology and youth justice. As a result, DETOURS is an evidence-based road safety program that adopts a behaviour change approach and utilises contemporary therapeutic techniques.

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DETOURS is supported by the Victorian Government

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