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Bec’s Story – ResetLife

Hi, I’m Bec, and I’m the Peer Support Coordinator in the ResetLife Program at TaskForce Community Agency.  We support young people aged 11- 25 through a day hab operating three days a week.  I share my lived experience in group with the young people, to inspire and provide hope.  I also sit with them and talk when they need support, providing compassion and understanding.  Being the middle support between the clinicians and the participants.

My journey has been a bit of a struggle at times, I have managed past trauma, substance dependency and mental illness.  This had a negative impact on my relationships with family, friends and most of all myself.  I underwent treatments with Headspace, psychiatrists, psychologists, dialectical behavior therapy, detox, rehab, narcotics anonymous and ResetLife.

I recognise you have to be ready to make the changes happen, for the information to really stick and for you to move forward in your journey.  That happened for me when I was in ResetLife.  I felt connected and supported all the way, reconnected with myself, my family and friends.  It has been a huge journey and now I feel stronger than I ever have.  Through taking the time to work on myself, I now find I have the self confidence I lacked for so long.  I utilise healthy ways to manage my emotions, I understand myself better than ever and I have a voice.

ResetLife is a free, intensive outpatient program now taking referrals, delivering holistic, family-inclusive support for young people with substance misuse issues. Learn more about the program here.

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