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U-Turn: assisting men to understand and change their behaviours

U-Turn is a court-referred, 15-week group intervention program with a similar structure to a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP). It aims to change the attitudes and behaviours of men experiencing substance misuse issues who have used violence, while keeping victims/survivors and their families safe from harm.

This program uses the following paradigms to assist men with changing their behaviours:

  • A gendered lens to address the drivers of male family violence
  • A harm-mininisation approach to substance misuse
  • A CBT framework to assist men with better identifying and managing their emotions
  • Psycho-educational tools to explore empathy, parenting, the family of origin and a range of cognitive biases that can hinder effective communication
  • Evidence-based behaviour change strategies adapted from the field of positive psychology

U-Turn key objectives

  • Reduce the prevalence of male family violence within the local community
  • Increase the safety of women and children through family safety contact
  • Assist men with understanding the impacts of their behaviours on the women and children in their lives
  • Encourage men to critically reflect on their use of substances, violent and/or controlling behaviours and their broader behavioural choices
  • Invite men to expand their notion of personal responsibility

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TaskForce U-Turn program - two men sitting on a counselling session looking to a speaker who's not in the picture.