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Living Free Project

Advocating for girls and women

Unfortunately the Living Free Project will end on 30 August 2024. As such, we are no longer accepting referrals.


The Living Free Project advocates for girls and women who are at risk of or in contact with the justice system in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, making sure their voice is heard.

We aim to empower these girls and women so they can recognise their unique strengths and abilities, create opportunities that will see them thrive, realise their potential and find out who they can be.

Not everyone is born on an even playing field. Girls and young women who offend often have a history of trauma, poverty, family violence and abuse.

The Living Free Project provides comprehensive support for participants to address the multiple needs that have contributed to their contact with the justice system, instead of looking at the offending as the primary issue. We look at multiple factors such as mental health, physical health, sexual health, the trauma they’ve experienced, and social issues.

The project’s holistic approach incorporates assertive outreach work, case management, links with other programs and partnerships with legal, health and community services.

This program advocates for girls and women aiming to:

  • Improve their justice outcomes
  • Reduce the likelihood of another contact with the justice system
  • Improve access to justice support
  • Contribute to system change for all vulnerable women

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