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First Peoples’ Healing Program

The First Peoples’ Healing Program supports individuals aged 16 to 55 who identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and/or their immediate family, around concerns related to Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) misuse.

This program will offer a flexible approach, which will look at incorporating any First Peoples’ supports that have been identified within the community (gathering place) to support their journey and connection to self, Mob and Country.

For better outcomes, the First Peoples’ Healing Program will be a wraparound service with a cultural lens that acknowledges the emotional wellbeing of the individual and their own personal journey.

The program is available across Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas.

How will the program support First Peoples?

The program will support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by:

  • Building an understanding of recovery and harm minimisation.
  • Facilitating individual and group psychoeducation sessions.
  • Providing short-term support to case managers to help community linkage.
  • Navigating mainstream services for better awareness and response for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and their families.

First Peoples’ Healing Program’s key objectives

The First Peoples’ Healing Program has been established to improve participants’ experience of care, improve health outcomes, promote TaskForce as a culturally inclusive organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and provide easier access to AOD support in the community.

Key focus areas:

  • Culture
  • Aboriginal healing practices
  • Trauma-informed treatment
  • Family-centred therapeutic practices
  • Protective factors and support
  • Social and cultural determinants of health

Want to find out more?


Referrals and secondary consultations are available. All referrals will be followed by an assessment that will ensure eligibility criteria are met and will identify the main issues and risks to be addressed.

Please direct your referrals to or call us at 9532 0811 indicating you want to refer to the First Peoples’ Healing Program.

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