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Care and Recovery Coordination

“CRC helped me navigate my admission to detox and rehabilitation, CRC also supported with linkage to community and supporting with my legal issues, this program has changed my life”

Our Care and Recovery Coordination program (CRC) uses an outreach and case management approach, delivering integrated treatment and care pathways to people in highest need or greatest risk associated with alcohol and other drugs misuse, and connecting them to health, housing, financial, legal, medical/pharmacotherapy, and family services.

The program objective is to support clients to live safe, healthy and independent lives, maximising their opportunities for meaningful social and economic participation.

We start working with the client to set ongoing recovery goals. Then, we create a treatment plan to meet these goals, providing access to up to 15 hours of face-to-face, telephone and/or outreach support.

Our CRC specialists will enable the clients and their families, where appropriate, to get involved in coordinating their care while setting and monitoring recovery goals, supporting them in an outreach capacity.

The individual plan may include:

  • Referrals to withdrawal, rehabilitation, legal and family services Referrals to doctors, counsellors and other healthcare specialists
  • Referral to Peer support
  • Referral to Art/Recovery groups
  • Involvement with the local community
  • Making helpful social connections with others
  • Input from family
  • Pre-care support while waiting for withdrawal or rehabilitation
  • Referrals to other programs and services
  • Linkages
  • Working collaboratively with counsellor/wraparound support
  • Advocacy with Court matters, Child protection not FRO orders

CRC is delivered across the Bayside region, Frankston Mornington Peninsula area, and in Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong by our SECADA consortium.

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Referrals and additional information

  • Voluntary clients
    • Bayside region: Call StarHealth Central intake on 1800 229 263
    • Frankston and Mornington Peninsula: Call Peninsula Health ACCESS on 1300 665 781
    • LGA of Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia: Contact SECADA intake on 1800 14 25 36 or
  • Forensic clients
    • Referrals via ACSO brokerage