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Our wraparound model of care

Our wraparound support model aims to provide the support necessary to help our clients achieve their goals which often include reducing substance use, improving health and wellbeing, gaining further education and skills and achieving long-term employment.

Wraparound support means providing integrated support to meet a variety of our client’s needs in a convenient single location such as our Youth Hub or other sites.

The benefit of wraparound care is that clients can get the referrals they need from their counsellor when they need them, and have a number of co-located services that can help them on site with specific needs beyond the primary purpose of the visit.

Wraparound also enables us to support clients at all stages of their life, from early learning and adolescence to adulthood, further education, employment and parenthood. Having our suite of wraparound services enables us to support clients through the unique and associated challenges arising at each part of their life.

Our wraparound model has been evaluated by La Trobe University and Burnett Institute expert Associate Professor Peter Higgs, with strong support for our use of the model and support of continued rollout of the model across our sites.