Our purpose is to provide wraparound support and compassionate care to vulnerable youth, adults and their families in South East Melbourne

Since 1973 TaskForce has provided specialist support for people in serious need in Victoria.

The people who access our services have experienced significant disadvantage or a crisis in their lives and as a result are prevented from reaching their potential. Many have fallen through society’s cracks and all too often have been placed in the “too hard” basket. They are people who have a long term range of complex issues or a single issue with a high degree of severity.

Our core services focus on addressing social issues of alcohol and other drug dependence, unemployment, youth disengagement and high risk taking behaviours, supporting our clients to transition back into “mainstream” services and supports. We assist young people, adults and families. Funding for TaskForce is primarily through Federal and State Government and Local Government tenders, plus your donations.

our vision
our mission
our values

Our Vision

Giving life changing opportunities for those most in need.

Our Mission

How do you get a second chance when often society doesn’t care about you in the first place? TaskForce is committed to creating positive outcomes for people disengaged or living on the margins of the community. Whether they have been born into poverty and disadvantage, overwhelmed by a major crisis, trapped by addiction, mental health, circumstance or are simply seen by some as “too difficult to deal with”, it is our goal to help provide them with the life changing opportunity to meet their full potential no matter how tough the circumstances. We never give up on giving people a chance to realise their true potential.

Download TaskForce Rules here.

TaskForce has current QIP accreditation. QIP conducts reviews every 3 years aiming to benefit the Australian community by enabling continuous quality improvement in community and health organisations.

Our Values

Our Values are the cornerstone of the TaskForce culture. They reflect the behaviours that shape how we work with our clients, our partners and each other thereby creating a culture that maximises the organisation’s effectiveness and relevance.


We strive to support our clients and their extended networks to change their circumstances. We will collaborate so that our full range of services and supports are wrapped around them enabling each to reach their full potential.


We will be cutting edge in all that we do leading to evidence-based best practice within the sector. Our people will be passionate and motivated to make a difference.


We are committed to addressing the tough moral challenges faced and sensitivities that abound in our sector, leading consequent debate and adapting as broader positions held by society evolve.


We do our utmost to communicate openly, honestly and respectfully. We collaborate and share accountability with colleagues and clients alike. We acknowledge that as we learn, mistakes may be made but that this learning will make us stronger.


We collaborate to create a work environment built on trust and respect where our people and consortium partners are supported and challenged to lead best practice. We recognise that responsibility for self-care is also a foundation to achieve excellence in the services we deliver.

Our People

TaskForce Board of Directors

Chester Allan - President

(Board Member: 2012 – current)

Chester has extensive experience in general management and marketing primarily through an international career with the Gillette Company in South Africa, South East Asia and Australia. Chester has filled various roles with Lions Clubs, including President and Chair of District Strategic Planning.

Carrick McLellan – Vice President

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Carrick has much senior management experience in the food and grocery industry in Australia and New Zealand, managing some of Australia’s largest food manufacturers. Carrick is also involved in not-for-profit youth services, volunteering as an education mentor for disadvantaged people through Ardoch Youth Foundation.

Deborah Dobbie - Board Member

(Board Member: 2008 - current)

Deborah is a qualified psychologist with considerable business consulting experience. Her areas of expertise include leadership/management coaching, training and development, change management and psychometric testing. Deborah also lectures in management in MBA and undergraduate programs.

Hyacinth Hancock – Board Member

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Hyacinth has significant experience in human resources management in a variety of companies. In her corporate career, Hyacinth has often been the principal contact with not-for-profit organizations that the company has supported. Hyacinth is also an active volunteer with AMES, assisting new migrants with their English skills.

Trevor Williams – Board Member

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Trevor is a former investment banker with Deutsche Bank and HSBC. He has extensive experience as a funds manager with a particular interest in the not-for-profit sector assisting clients with strategy development, asset allocation and overall financial management. Trevor is also a Charter Member of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Bill Reynolds – Treasurer

(Board Member: 2016 - current)

Bill qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Anderson in the 1970s and has spent his career in the accounting profession and with a large Australian public company. He specialised in corporate taxation and has considerable senior finance experience.

Moshe Same – Vice President

(Board Member: 2020 – current)