Our purpose is to empower people through life changing services, wraparound support, and pathways

TaskForce Community Agency plays an important role across communities in south east Melbourne, whether helping individuals and families due to challenges with alcohol and other drugs or family violence, or enabling people through education, training, and employment. Operating for 50 years, we aim to help realise the potential of every client, through achieving outcomes and working towards healthier lives, relationships, and communities.

Our areas of focus

Alcohol and other drug treatment and mental health
Youth and family services, including family violence
Education, engagement, and employment support
our vision
our mission
our values

Our Vision

Realise the potential in everyone: Healthy lives, relationships, and communities.

Our Purpose

To empower people through life changing services, wraparound support, and pathways. We are committed to creating positive outcomes for people disengaged, experiencing disadvantage, or living on the margins of communities across Melbourne’s south east. We believe in the potential of every individual.

The principles that guide us

We are client-centred I The voice and lived experience of clients guides our work, practice and approach.
We are inclusive I We welcome everyone into our service, continually striving for equity in access.
We are a wraparound service I We look beyond the one area of need, supporting participants throughout their journeys.
We always work together I We recognise that we can’t act alone and know collaboration internally and externally is critical to success.

The values that shape us

We start with care I We are here to meet participants where they are at, to support, empower and respect them and each other in the work we do. We commit to behaviours that demonstrate our care and compassion, bringing out the best in everyone in every interaction.
We always listen I We are here to listen, to think of the whole of a person in every connection. We commit to listening, learning, responding, and adapting to the needs of our clients, our staff, and our partners.
We are non-judgmental I We are here to help everyone belong; to realise their potential. We commit to supporting every person who walks through our doors or engages our services without judgment.
We are continuously learning I We are here to learn, innovate and bring the highest quality of service to our participants. We commit to seeking out and sharing knowledge within and beyond our sector and from our communities, not standing still in our models of care and program offers.

TaskForce has current QIP accreditation. QIP conducts reviews every 3 years aiming to benefit the Australian community by enabling continuous quality improvement in community and health organisations.

Download TaskForce Rules here.

Our People

TaskForce Board of Directors

Chester Allan - President

(Board Member: 2012 – current)

Chester has extensive experience in general management and marketing primarily through an international career with the Gillette Company in South Africa, South East Asia and Australia. Chester has filled various roles with Lions Clubs, including President and Chair of District Strategic Planning.

Carrick McLellan – Vice President

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Carrick has much senior management experience in the food and grocery industry in Australia and New Zealand, managing some of Australia’s largest food manufacturers. Carrick is also involved in not-for-profit youth services, volunteering as an education mentor for disadvantaged people through Ardoch Youth Foundation.

Deborah Dobbie - Board Member

(Board Member: 2008 - current)

Deborah is a qualified psychologist with considerable business consulting experience. Her areas of expertise include leadership/management coaching, training and development, change management and psychometric testing. Deborah also lectures in management in MBA and undergraduate programs.

Hyacinth Hancock – Board Member

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Hyacinth has significant experience in human resources management in a variety of companies. In her corporate career, Hyacinth has often been the principal contact with not-for-profit organizations that the company has supported. Hyacinth is also an active volunteer with AMES, assisting new migrants with their English skills.

Trevor Williams – Board Member

(Board Member: 2013 – current)

Trevor is a former investment banker with Deutsche Bank and HSBC. He has extensive experience as a funds manager with a particular interest in the not-for-profit sector assisting clients with strategy development, asset allocation and overall financial management. Trevor is also a Charter Member of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Bill Reynolds – Treasurer

(Board Member: 2016 - current)

Bill qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Anderson in the 1970s and has spent his career in the accounting profession and with a large Australian public company. He specialised in corporate taxation and has considerable senior finance experience.

Moshe Same – Board Member

(Board Member: 2020 – current)

Minh Nguyen – Board Member

(Board Member: 2022 – current)

Minh has experience in governance, risk and strategic leadership through board membership of community and membership-based organisations. Minh has worked in diverse sectors with roles in senior management, research and evaluation and systemic advocacy. Minh is passionate about social justice, representation and respecting people as experts in their own lives.