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Realise the potential in everyone

The past five years have been a time of significant upheaval in the community sector, and for the communities we serve more broadly. TaskForce is a larger, more diverse, and more professional organisation. We’ve more than doubled in revenue and in our number of staff, and this has meant that we can deliver better, more targeted programs. The next three years provide an important opportunity to secure what we have built and deepen our impact, making a difference to more people.

The context we find ourselves in presents challenges and opportunities. Reform, especially led by Royal Commissions, across the family violence, mental health, disability and other sectors has reshaped funding and how people engage with services. The increasing number and severity of natural disasters due to climate change, as well as the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 have had marked effects both socially and materially. We are also seeing increasing client complexity across our sectors, speaking to the importance of an effective wraparound model and strong partnerships. Finally, the combination of growth, increased demand for services, and disruptions from the pandemic exacerbate long-existing challenges in our sector around the attraction and retention of experienced staff.

In 2021, TaskForce engaged Spark Strategy to develop a new strategic plan. Through a highly collaborative process, they have delivered an ambitious plan for our future. Our communities and service systems are changing. We must continue to change
and adapt alongside them. Our new strategy outlines our goals for the next three years, as well as the actions we will take to achieve these.

As an organisation we need to demonstrate the outcomes we create for our communities through the integration of our services (our wraparound model), clear evidence, and improved access. We will strengthen and embed our wraparound model, ensuring we can understand and respond to all the needs of our participants in a cohesive way. We will strengthen our relationships with our partners and build new models to support this. We will have the right processes, practice and culture in place to improve our data collection and reporting, embed these in all our programs, and have a clear idea of how these programs improve outcomes for clients. We will fully embed equity and diversity to support the safety and wellbeing of clients and staff, and better engage our clients and communities at all levels of the organisation. Through these initiatives, we will make a greater impact in the communities we serve.

To support this, we will focus on growth. As a bigger, scalable organisation, there is greater strength and resilience. As a not-for-profit organisation, growth is not for its own sake, but important to help drive reach and impact as well as support increased
investment in our people, systems, and infrastructure. We will implement growth strategies for our programs, ensuring more people can access services they need. We will strengthen our engagement with government to ensure strong partnerships, and that our communities’ voices are heard. We will invest in corporate support so that we have the model, resources and capacity to support our staff and clients, and we will build our technology infrastructure to strengthen this, ensuring our growth is sustainable and delivers the greatest impact.

Over the next three years we will deliver these initiatives, improving outcomes for our communities, strengthening our organisation, and realising the potential in everyone.