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President Report

TaskForce is essentially comprised of a remarkable group of people who are dedicated to realising the potential in everyone through the outstanding execution of a range of programs. This is evidenced by the continued strong funding growth of 30% over the past 2 years, with programs helping over 7,000 people during the 2021/2022 reporting year.

The above was achieved in a challenging year due to COVID-19, which changed personal contact requirements and disrupted the provision of services. A cohesive approach to planning and communicating these changes was followed which ensured TaskForce team and client safety.

TaskForce access for clients continued to strengthen following the opening of the Cranbourne and Frankston premises which became fully operational during the year. Exciting new opportunities with a focus on building our wraparound services were achieved.  Key contract requirements were met across our wide range of programs, and quality services were delivered helping people experiencing difficulties because of alcohol and other drugs, family violence, unemployment and a range of other complex needs.

Our workforce has been strengthened through furthering our diversity and inclusion action plan, supporting increased training, modifications to our physical sites, more direct engagement with diverse communities, and the employment of peer and lived experience workers, as well as bicultural workers in our AfriCareers employment program.

A consultative process was used to develop a new strategic plan which will chart our course for the next three years during which TaskForce will continue to strive towards helping realise the potential in people, supporting healthy lives, relationships and communities. A number of strategic priorities have been identified and an operational plan constructed which includes the appropriate resources required to achieve our goals.

I would like to commend CEO Ray Blessing on his exceptional leadership during a time of disruptive challenges and thank the Executive and staff for their commitment, skills and passion in ensuring successful outcomes for so many people.

On a sad note, John Bower who served on the TaskForce Board for 13 years, and was President for eight years, passed away in November last year. John made many significant contributions to TaskForce which are noted elsewhere in this report. He was always highly engaged, caring, approachable, generous and a good friend, who will be deeply missed.

I would like to thank Kaylene Dawson for her expertise and professionalism as part of the TaskForce Board for three years to September 2021. A special welcome to Minh Nguyen and Larissa Seymour who joined the Board in March 2022. I am especially grateful to, and thank all Board members for their time, knowledge and valuable contributions during the past year.

Finally, I thank our supporters and friends who contribute in many different ways and are always greatly appreciated. We would be a much less effective community organisation without them.

Chester Allan